How to Teach Character in School
Character, Capability, Cognition and Curriculum 

Help pupils develop the character to excel in a school-life of tests and the real tests of life. 

Monday 23rd November 2015  16:30-18:30

Oasis Academy South Bank, London

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Individual £40

Group rate £30  (3+ from the same school of Teaching Alliance)


Video - Get inspired by Prof Bill Lucas on character

Most teachers and most parents know that there is much more to school than exam results. Nicky Morgan is talking about it. Expansive Educators such as those who are using Building Learning Power are passionate about it.

But how does the new character agenda change things?

  • How ready is your school?
  • How will you decide which aspects of character to focus on?
  • How best to embed the development of character across the formal, informal and hidden curriculum of your school?

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Keynote Speakers:

Professor Bill Lucas 
Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning,
University of Winchester


Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning and Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester. Bill founded CRL with Guy Claxton in 2008.

In addition to his work with CRL, Bill is a member of the Health Foundation Improvement Science Development Group, an International Adviser for GEMS Education, Trustee of The English Project, and Chairman of TLO Ltd (publisher of Building Learning Power). He is also, with Philip Pullman, a Patron of the Pegasus Theatre in Oxford.

Bill is known internationally as a speaker on the subjects of learning, change, creativity, and leadership. He travels extensively to present key notes, most recently in Sydney, Philadelphia, Helskinki, Qatar, Melbourne, Auckland, Belfast, and Dubai. He is a prolific writer, and has authored and co-authored over forty books.

With Guy Claxton he is the creator of one of the biggest teacher researcher groups in the world: ​the Expansive Education Network



Maryl Chambers

Director of Development and Principal Consultant, TLO

Maryl Chambers has spearheaded the development of TLO Limited’s Building Learning Power programme, helping bring Guy Claxton’s ground-breaking work to schools and teachers. Maryl is one of the founders of TLO, where she has applied her wide experience of designing learning-focused training to creating and developing the innovative programmes for which the company is renowned. She is co-author of many of TLO’s publications. 


Carly Mitchell 

Principal, Oasis Academy South Bank  


Carly was appointed as Principal of Oasis Academy South Bank, a brand new Free School, in October 2012.  In 2015 Oasis Academy South Bank achieved Outstanding in their first Ofsted. Previously Carly was Vice Principal at London Academy having joined the Future Leaders Programme in 2008. 

Oasis Academy South Bank offers a small, safe, learning environment for local children, with excellent educational opportunities where every student can reach their full potential.

All young people, regardless of starting point, will ‘Climb the STAIRS to Greatness’ at Oasis Academy South Bank. Through love, nurture and a rigorous academic focus, Oasis Academy South Bank students will ultimately be successfully and happily employed in a career with prospects and become model citizens. 


Gavin Smith

Principal, Wren Academy

Gavin has been engaged with the school since its creation seven years ago. Many schools are interested in how BLP has transformed and shaped the learning culture at Wren Academy. The school receives a steady stream of requests from senior leaders and teachers from other schools who wish to visit Wren Academy to find out more about their approach to learning and how we have been able to attain an outstanding learning focused OFSTED report.



Expansive Education at scale

·         Why expansive education and teacher enquiry matters to you as a local authority level and how you see it helping to improve the broad range of learner outcomes across the borough.

·         Why you held your awards evening and how it might boost interest in expansive approaches to teaching and learning. 

·         The logistics of habit changing habits across 46 schools






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