Engineering Habits of Mind Project


The Centre for Real World Learning (CRL) at the University of Winchester is being supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering to undertake a pilot project on embedding engineering habits of mind (EHoM) into the curriculum in a small number of schools and colleges in England, mainly in Berkshire, Hampshire and West Sussex. Two phases of this project, called Thinking Like an Engineer (TLaE), have taken place since October 2014. 


The aims of the project are to demonstrate ways in which EHoM might be embedded within the curriculum and to validate their usefulness as a way of increasing understanding of engineering among teachers, young people and their parents. 


Across both phases 42 teachers in a total of 10 schools (2 primary and 8 secondary) and one further education have been participating in the project, either by lending leadership support or being actively involved in classroom interventions. The teachers have been introducing EHoM into science, English, art, mathematics and DT, as well as organising integrative whole-school STEM programmes.


The schools involved in the project are members of eedNET where they share their reports and materials through the members’ pages.


Thinking Like an Engineer is collaborating with Tinker Tailor Robot Pi (TTRP), a project co-ordinated by the Science and Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub (SEERIH) at the University of Manchester.


CRL are also working with Primary Engineer ( to support their programme in Scotland in which teachers are embedding EHoM into the curriculum.


A combined report on the outcomes of these projects and their contribution to developing EHoM is in preparation for publication during the autumn of 2016. 


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