Expansive Education Conference 2015:
Whole School Approaches to Expansive Education

18th March 2015
10am - 4pm

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General tickets £150   (group rate £125) 

Members £100   (group rate £85)


Hear case studies from FE, primary and secondary schools, about their experiences in implementing whole school initiatives

Hear first-hand from Senior Leaders about:

  • practical and strategic approaches to embedding expansive education within schools
  • engaging teachers in action research 
  • models for deep engagement in teacher enquiry
  • supporting teachers as learners

* Opportunity to network and share best practice


* Understand how eednet can support quality assured action research in schools through CPD workshops


Keynote Speakers:


Brian Lightman

General Secretary,

Association of School and College Leaders

Taking forward the Great Education Debate towards a self-improving school system



Brian Lightman became General Secretary of ASCL on 1 September 2010. He served as President of the association in 2007-08.

Brian was headteacher of St Cyres School, a large, mixed 11-18 comprehe
nsive in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, from 1999-2010. He taught modern foreign languages for 16 years in three comprehensive schools in the South East of England before becoming headteacher of Llantwit Major School in 1995.

Brian is acknowledged as an authority on the English 
and Welsh education systems. As an invited speaker he regularly contributes to seminars and conferences on education, leadership and governance and frequently appears in the media. Broad experience within the English and Welsh education systems includes extensive representation on UK and Welsh Assembly Government committees, being an external examiner and an Estyn inspector.

Brian was included in the January 2014 Debrett’s list of the 
500 most inspiring and influential people in Britain today.


Professor Bill Lucas 
Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning,
University of Winchester

Bill Lucas
The rise and rise of expansive education

  • lessons from across the world
  • shifting priorities in the UK
  • time to seize the moment and embed values-led, research-based learning



Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning and Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester. Bill founded CRL with Guy Claxton in 2008.

In addition to his work with CRL, Bill is a member of the Health Foundation Improvement Science Development Group, an International Adviser for GEMS Education, Trustee of The English Project, and Chairman of TLO Ltd (publisher of Building Learning Power). He is also, with Philip Pullman, a Patron of the Pegasus Theatre in Oxford.

Bill is known internationally as a speaker on the subjects of learning, change, creativity, and leadership. He travels extensively to present key notes, most recently in Sydney, Philadelphia, Helskinki, Qatar, Melbourne, Auckland, Belfast, and Dubai. He is a prolific writer, and has authored and co-authored over forty books.

With Guy Claxton he is the creator of one of the biggest teacher researcher groups in the world: ​the Expansive Education Network

Case Studies:

Ruth Brock 

Strategic Lead for School Improvement, 

Thurrock Borough Council.

Expansive Education at scale

  • Why expansive education and teacher enquiry matters to you as a local authority level and how you see it helping to improve the broad range of learner outcomes across the borough.
  • Why you held your awards evening and how it might boost interest in expansive approaches to teaching and learning.
  • The logistics of habit changing habits across 46 schools


Ruth Brock has been School Improvement Manager and now Interim Strategic Lead for School Improvement, working with Thurrock Council for 8 years. Ruth works with primary and secondary schools in Thurrock and in other LAs and is qualified as a Lead Ofsted Inspector. Ruth undertakes all aspects of school review, supports governors in preparing for and recruiting senior leaders, analyses data to identify areas of need and prepares reports for schools and governing body. Ruth can offer high quality support in leadership, Headteacher and SLT recruitment, NQT support and development amongst a range of areas.




Jon Nicholls 

Director of Arts & Creativity, 

Thomas Tallis School, London

Going deeper with Habits of Mind

  • Cross-curricular creativity and the Tallis Habits - an evolution
  • The Tallis Habits app and Journal - design thinking, students as clients and the role of visiting practitioners
  • The Expansive Education Network - experimenting with action research as CPD
  • A whole school commitment to action research - the story so far


Jon Nicholls is the Director of Arts and Creativity at Thomas Tallis School. He was previously the school's specialist arts college and creative partnerships co-ordinator. He is trained as an English teacher but has diversified considerably, teaching art history, media and photography. He helped establish the school's innovative Tallis Lab curriculum and is an avid user of a range educational technologies. Jon is a member of a reference group at Tate and is interested in creative learning across the curriculum and a contemporary pedagogy for the visual arts. Jon maintains the school's online presence across a range of platforms. He implemented the Tallis Habits programme and is currently coordinating the school-wide Action Research initiative.

George Roberts 

Head, Danestone Primary,  Aberdeen

Starting out with Expansive Education

  • Our context for learning: Scottish Curriculum for Excellence
  • Opportunity verses expectation: building capacity within our staff team
  • Developing theory into practise: Beginning our Expansive Education journey
  • Securing school improvement: Where do we go now?

Originally from the Shetland Isles, George now lives & works in Aberdeen. He has almost 20 years of experience working in primary education; the last 10 of which have been as head teacher.
George has a very keen interest in cultivating leadership capacity and partnership working. This has resulted in him working across his local authority to facilitate and encourage leadership development opportunities for their newly appointed HTs and aspiring HTs.
He is also currently supporting the introduction of Chinese language & culture Aberdeen schools. As part of this work he is an executive board member of SCEN (Scotland China Education Network), Scotland’s principal think tank and advisory group for Mandarin and Chinese culture curriculum development.
George’s connection with Expansive Education started through being part of the TePL (Technology enhanced Professional Learning) partnership.


Simon Mason 

Headteacher, Honywood School,


Learning for the future; how we have re-designed learning in the last five years to create a culture where learners are empowered to make choices that will help to sustain them thought their learning lives.

How Honywood have built a culture of learning and enquiry over the last 5 years and why they have decided to put learners at the centre of all they do.


I joined Honywood Community Science School as Headteacher in September 2002. Building on ideas I had been developing in my own teaching since 1991 I have been leading the re-design of learning at the school to better prepare youngsters for 21st Century life. This has involved developing a new approach to staff learning as well as thinking differently about youngsters’ learning experiences both in and out of the classroom.


Gary Jones 

Education Consultant and Researcher

Leading a whole college approach to action research 

The logistics of persuading, coaching and nurturing a whole staff approach to action research, and pulling the results together into a publication

Expansive Education at scale

·         Why expansive education and teacher enquiry matters to you as a local authority level and how you see it helping to improve the broad range of learner outcomes across the borough.

·         Why you held your awards evening and how it might boost interest in expansive approaches to teaching and learning. 

·         The logistics of habit changing habits across 46 schools





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