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Expansive Education is an approach to teaching that focuses on developing dispositions that help young people to be fulfilled and successful in their lives  



Mindset influence on academic achievement explored in new report.



This latest analysis of PISA results by McKinsey & Company suggests that students’ mindsets have more influence on academic achievements than their socioeconomic background. McKinsey & Co call this mind-set a ‘motivation calibration’, where students exhibit effective behaviours (eg; doing more than expected, continually improving on tasks) that increase their academic performance. For students in poor performing schools, having a well-calibrated motivation mindset can support social mobility.

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New research from the RSA - The Ideal School Exhibition 




Two key aspects of Expansive Education feature strongly in The Ideal School Exhibition report by the RSA. The research stresses the importance of setting expansive aims for education and on the role of the teacher as the expert best able to select teaching and learning methods likely to produce a rounded education.


Report author and RSA’s director of education Julian Astle says of the debate about what an ‘ideal school’ looks like: ‘In short, it is a debate about what kind of education will prepare them, not just to write a good exam, but to live a good life.’. We too believe the point of education is more than exams and that expanding goals, places, mindsets and teacher personal identity are of utmost importance to help children and young people to become better at learning so they can thrive in all they do.


The report makes a number of recommendations including:

1. Create a new culture in educational assessment by making tests harder to teach to; 2. Reform the accountability system by reweighting league tables; and 3. Encourage a teacher-led professional renaissance by abolishing Ofsted’s ‘Outstanding’ category.


Above all, as Bill Lucas has argued on many occasions. Astle invites us all to move beyond the old binary alternatives of didactic or enquiry-led teaching to explore what is likely to develop young people's character as well as their knowledge. 


Read the full report here.

Come and join us in Winchester for this free event.


Internationally acclaimed researcher, author and speaker Prof Bill Lucas, will explore the kinds of habits which we need all students to develop if they are to do well in both in examinations and, equally importantly, in living a happy, fulfilled and successful lives. As well as acquiring knowledge and skills in the subjects of the school curriculum, school leaders and teachers want much more for their pupils. Sometimes called character, these are all the other things that pupils will need to acquire such as the ability to collaborate, to use empathy, to be creative, to be resilient and so forth along with wider concepts such as kindness, honesty, open-mindedness.


Registration is essential, book now 

Calling all our members in Scotland!


Nominations for the Scottish Education Awards 2018 are open. Your excellent work through eednet could be just what the judging panel are looking for. There are awards for STEM education, creativity, working with parents and many more.


Check the website for details and if you do decide to submit a nomination, or if you would like help in compiling one, do get in touch with us.


An open letter to Damian Hinds MP


Bill Lucas welcomes the new Secretary of State for Education and invites him to help change the conversation about what schools teach.





Engineering Habits Of Mind


One of our expansive research areas is Engineering 'habits of mind'. Teachers in many subjects, including not only STEM (Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology) but also in English and Art, are interested in encouraging learners to 'think like an engineer' because they can see the value of developing children’s skills such as problem solving and improving within their subject.


In a project funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering, teachers have developed some fantastic resources to help learners grow their engineering habits of mind.


Teachers taking part might want to know


If I want to develop my pupils' engineering habits of mind, how can I use a formative assessment tool to ensure they can track their own habits?


This 'Engineering Habits of Mind' questionnaire, developed by one of our member teachers, attempted to answer a question like this. The link below is a great tool to try out with your class.




It will help them map their competencies and work out how they need to develop their thinking to become better problem solvers!


For more free resources, see the Royal Academy of Engineering's dedicated page about the project. 


Engineering is just one of the research areas our teachers explore. Others include creative thinking, maths, science, outdoor learning, and giftedness.  Contact us to find out more. 

Teaching Creative Thinking Book Launch


Good news - Creative Thinking will be the focus of the 2021 PISA test!
Launched on Wednesday 11 October, Teaching Creative Thinking is a practical handbook for all teachers seeking to embed creativity into the classroom.



Read a glowing review in TES here


This innovative book applies the idea of growth mindset to the cultivation of a vital contemporary capability - creative thinking - drawing on both evidence and promising practices.

Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology, Stanford University   

What we're reading


The Learning Power Approach by Guy Claxton


This book is rich with great ideas to help teachers to teach students to become expansive learners. As Carol Dweck puts it in her foreword, 'You will cherish this book. It's full of engaging and informative classroom examples.'


A great book for any teacher who wants to improve outcomes for individual students by supporting them to develop the right mind set for success.



 Image result for education forward


















Education Forward is an exciting 'optimistic' and 'future-focussed' movement for change trying to influence the conversation around schooling in the face of unprecedented societal and technological transformation. 


We're enjoying this new book, which puts forward a collection of thinkpieces for a reimagined education based on creativity and love of learning! 



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