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Expansive Education is an approach to teaching that focuses on developing dispositions that help young people to be fulfilled and successful in their lives

 Good news - Creative Thinking will be the focus of the 2021 PISA test!

Launched on Wednesday 11 October, Teaching Creative Thinking is a practical handbook for all teachers seeking to embed creativity into the classroom.



'A text for our time - taking us beyond current parochial notions of schooling, and demonstrating powerfully, with evidence, the critical centrality of creative thinking to the achievement of all students' 

Geoff Barton, General Secretary ASCL


Leadership for engineering education in schools


We want to find out more about the practicalities of providing leadership to promote engineering habits of mind in schools, either through STEM subjects like science and D&T or through extra-curricular enrichment activities. Please give us your views on this topic by completing this short online survey: https://winchester.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/leadership-for-engineering-education-2.  











New publication: Learning to be an Engineer - March 2017


Click here for more information about the Learning to be an Engineer project


Lucas (2017)Capabilities - the new currency for success.pdf


Lucas and Hanson 2016 Learning to be employable report.pdf


Centre for Real World Learning





Learning to be an Engineer

TES: Pedagogy can oil the wheels of vocational education


TES: Bill Lucas on how character is at least as much learned as it is taught


Focusing on craftsmanship can make every apprenticeship count


Podcast: Bill Lucas interview 'Should school students decide what they learn?'


What if young people designed their own learning?


What's the purpose of education


TES article: 10 ways to improve student employability






Bill Lucas Blog: Capable parents, capable teachers, capable children


TES: Bill Lucas - 'If "soft skills" really matter then we should try and measure them'











Al Bateen's Presenting Findings Forum - the sharing of evidence based practice


Action research participants from Al Bateen Academy in Abu Dhabi presented their project findings to an audience of fellow educators from across the Emirate on Monday 8th May. Each participant shared the focus and findings of their research project and highlighted key recommendations for future practice. John Gardner, Assistant Principal commented:


“the research forum provided an excellent platform for the sharing of evidence based practice within the context of Abu Dhabi’s educational environment. The audience was able to take away a range of innovative ideas to employ within their own practice. These included: strategies to develop the impact of marking and assessment; parent engagement; behaviour for learning; flipped learning and the application of SMART target setting”.      


Join the Expansive Education Network and carry out your own action research enquiry to  develop capabilities in your learners to help them thrive in the real-world.  


'Working on enquiries in a cluster of schools like the Expansive Education group we have in Wiltshire is a powerful way for teachers to learn together and keep thinking creatively.'


North Wilts Cluster Lead - March 2017



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Expansive Education

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