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Expansive Education is an approach to teaching and learning that
develops life-long learners.

Central to this practice is Action Research as ongoing CPD for teachers to develop positive attributes in learners, preparing individuals to meet the challenges of life and work.



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  Featured project: Thinking like an Engineer
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  eedNET research digest (members): Professional learning, action research and learning communities   Featured webinar: Could researcher in residence model in health work in schools?

      'Building an education system which develops deep skills and wide capabilities in young people is essential. The idea of
       Expansive Education is a truly compelling way of cultivating the kinds of learners the world needs and its ideas are taking root here in Australia. I am a strong supporter of
      ansive approaches to learning and was delighted to be able to honour their creator, Bill Lucas, with one of our prestigious fellowships in recognition of his thought leadership.'
      Bella Irlicht, CEO, International Specialised Skills Institute Australia       
      "I would like to thank you personally for all your support and encouragement over the last couple of years. Getting involved in expansive education has been a great experience for me and I hope to work with the expansive education network again soon." London teacher - June 2014 
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      Action Research gives more than your average CPD...


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      29 Apr 2015 4:30 PM • Winchester University, West Down Campus, Main Building, 2nd Floor Room WD211
      01 May 2015 • email to eednet@winchester.ac.uk

      Expansive Education:
      Teaching learners for the real world


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