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Expansive Education is an approach to teaching and learning that
develops life-long learners.

Central to this practice is Action Research as ongoing CPD for teachers to develop positive attributes in learners, preparing individuals to meet the challenges of life and work.


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"It's been a real catalyst for altering our approach to CPD. We appreciate belonging to the network and would encourage other schools to get involved, thank you"


"This is our first year of running Action Research with all staff. The culture has shifted significantly and we hope to maintain this approach as a key component of CPD."


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"It is quite clear to me that a practical, empirical approach using active research has a powerful potential for solution based school improvement. The nature of this kind of active research also lends itself fully to collegiate team work. We have learned that there is a strong argument for teaching children the skills to be more resilient explicitly, and that teaching such skills has the potential to yield results. We have also gone a little way towards starting to demonstrate that the development of resilience strategies is applicable for our youngest children. Furthermore, there is potential to begin to produce positive outcomes in a short space of time."      


Simon Feather, Deputy Headteacher, Giffard Primary School, June 2015 

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